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3rd Annual Battle on the Beach

AAA Elite Teams

Southeast 2005 Elites -- Representing at "The Show"

The Southeast Elite 2005 Elites are participating in the North American Showcase in Minnesota.  The competition intense!

As proof from the scores, the team battled hard & represented with true Southeast Elite pride. 

Thank you boys giving it your all & leaving it all on the ice!

2005 Elite -- The Show Tournament Results

Result Opponent
Tue Jun 28 W   6 - 5 Great Plains 
Wed Jun 29 W   4 - 3 @ Midwest 
Wed Jun 29 L   3  -4 Rocky Mountain 
Thu Jun 30 L   1 -2 @ Metropolitan 
Fri Jul 1 W  3 -4 Team USA 
Fri Jul 1 L   2 -3 @ New England 
Sat Jul 2 L   4 - 3 Mid-Atlantic 
Sat Jul 2 W   3 - 2 @ Great Lakes 
Sun Jul 3 T   1 - 1 Manitoba

YHH highlights the 2004 Elites for their DHI Cup Victory

Our 2004 Elites were recently highlighted by YHH (Youth Hockey Hub) for sweep in Minnesota at the DHI Cup Super Series.  The above link will take you to the article.  It's a very nice write up with a great photos. 

Way to represent boys!

2004 Elites & 2005 Elites Sweep in the DHI Cup Super Series in Minnesota

Congratulations to the 2004 Elites & the 2005 Elites for their strong finish in the DHI Cup Super Series in Minnesota this weekend. 

The 2004 Elites remained undefeated throughout the tournament and seized a 2-0 victory in the Championship Game against the Minnesota Machine!

The 2005 Elites suffered their only loss in their first match of the series but, battled back strong to finish as the Champions in their division.

It was an incredible effort by both teams! Way to represent!

2004 Elites DHI Champs!!

2005 Elites DHI Champions!!

2005 Elites -- Montreal Super Challenge 2016 Champions

Montreal Super Challenge 2016

Southeast Elite teams (2004 AAA, 2004 Elites, 2005 Elites, 2006 Elites & 2007 Elites) traveled to the beautiful city of Montreal to compete in the Montreal Super Challenge. Our teams battled hard through the weekend against very impressive competition.  The 2004 Elites & 2007 Elites advanced to the semis, each team losing by a goal.  Our 2005 Elites were able to obtain the Champion Title in their division. 

Staying true to our philosophy, it not always about the win but, the experience. And, what an experience it was!! We are so proud of our entire Southeast Elite family!


Southeast Elite kids sporting their new uniforms!



4th Annual Spring Invitational -- Crosby Division Champions

4th Annual Spring Invitational -- Crosby Division Champions!!

Tram Rafalski -- Crosby Division Champions

4th Annual Spring Invitational -- Stamkos Division Champions

Team Lars -- Stamkos Division Champions

Monday Night Squirt - Pee Wee 4v4 Champions!

April 18th - 4v4 Squirt - PeeWee Monday Night Champs

April 11th -- 4v4 Squirt - PeeWee Monday Night Pond Hockey Champs

April 4th -- 4v4 Squirt - PeeWee Monday Night Pond Hockey Champs


April 14th - 4v4 Thursday Night Champions

March 24th -- Thursday4 v 4 Night Pond Hockey Champs

March 24th -- Thursday Night 4 v 4 Pond Hockey Champs

Battle on the Beach AAA Champions

Battle on the Beach 2004 AAA Division Champions -- Chicago Young Americans 2004 Elite

Battle on the Beach 2005 AAA Division Champions - Florida Alliance 2005 Elite

Team Southeast Represents the US at the Show - June 2015

The 2004 AAA Southeast Elite Team Wins Gold in the USA Bracket at THE SHOW in Bloomington, Minnesota, June 2015. The Southeast represented the US as they played Team Ontario representing Canada losing 2-1 in the Final. 


Click here to watch these talented boys in action:

Team Southeast Highlight Video